Android App Development

Android App Development

AppFutures develops high-quality Android apps for small, medium, and large businesses. With AppFutures, there's a mobile app for every budget!

The Web is dead!

That may be an exaggeration, but the last few years have seen a dramatic shift in the way we, as consumers, access information from the Internet and how we expect organisations to communicate and engage with us.

No longer do we expect to have to use browsers on PCs to go and find relevant news. Instead there is demand that information is available on mobile devices such as Android and iPhone smartphones. In fact this dated model relies on us sourcing useful content based on us being proactive in searching for it.

However, the reality is that we now demand that useful and relevant info is sent to us without us specifing the exact nature of what we are looking for. We do this by following people on Twitter or Facebook, by subscribing to RSS feeds from our favourite websites – and most significantly we are increasingly doing it by downloading apps to our mobile devices.

AppFutures offer mobile app development in multiple platforms to corporate and individual clients around the UK from our Glasgow base. In addition to app development we also provide strategic and feasibility consultancy, as well as an app marketing service that helps to promote our client’s app either through app stores or from other online locations.

We help our clients make the most of the expanding mobile app demand by offering affordable and agile solutions that allow them to take a concept to market in the shortest time possible.

AppFutures develop:

If you wish to discuss how AppFutures can help you on a different smartphone platform, or in some other way, we would love to hear from you.

The Web might not be dead yet, but mobile app development is certainly something that all businesses should be leveraging to satisfy the demands of today’s tech savvy customer who no longer want to rely on web browsers and search engines to find what is going on.