Smartphone sales soaring

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Research firm Gartner has released Q3 2010 sales figures for smartphones, showing some fascinating trends.

There are many interesting talking points relating to the recently released sales figures.

The rise and rise of Android

Least surprising is Android’s astronomical growth over the last year. In Q3, Android overtook Apple’s iOS to become the second most popular phone OS in the world.

This had been widely predicted, of course, but it’s still incredible to think that Android’s market share has jumped from 3.5% a year ago to 25.5% today – a jump of around 700%.

Of course, that market share has to come from a competitor, so the next talking point is…

The fall and fall of Symbian

The biggest loser over the same time period was Nokia’s troubled Symbian OS, falling from 44.6% to 36.6%. These sales figures coincide with Nokia announcing that it was re-taking control of the Symbian OS, after having released the source code to a separate body, The Symbian Foundation.

Smartphone sales booming

Perhaps the best news (for those of us who believe the future of the internet is mobile) was that smartphone sales are booming, with an increase of 35% in year-on-year sales.

These figures clearly show that consumers are jumping on the mobile browsing bandwagon like never before.

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